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    Our Suppliers Help Us Fulfill Our Mission
    Our Suppliers Help Us Fulfill Our Mission
    The success of our business depends on our ability to collaborate with suppliers that not only provide the highest quality products and services, but are philosophically and strategically aligned with our commitment to our social and environmental responsibilities.

    Our Mission and Purpose

    Growth & Innovation
    Investing in Our Future
    Global Diversity, Citizenship & Sustainability
    Develop Our Diverse, Global Supply Base
    Johnson & Johnson: The Value of Strong Working Relationships
    Johnson & Johnson: The Value of Strong Working Relationships
    We expect all Johnson & Johnson suppliers to provide quality goods and services at a fair price. We believe in the importance of collaborative relationships to help us identify innovative new approaches that can help us build and grow our mutual businesses.

    Most of all, we expect all suppliers to behave ethically and to uphold Our Credo values.
    Our Credo Commitment to Suppliers
    Our Credo Commitment to Suppliers
    In the first paragraph of Our Credo, we state our commitment to treat our suppliers fairly. Our goal is to create sustainable, long-term relationships with our suppliers for our mutual success.

    Procurement Resources

    Learn about the opportunities provided by, and how to qualify for, our Supplier Diversity program.
    We are proud to follow an approach to procurement that is based on Our Credo.
    We require our procurement partners to act objectively with regard to the interests of Johnson & Johnson.
    Learn more about the paying agent and policies for the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies.
    All suppliers should review our processes and requirements to find out more about how we do business.
    Learn more about Johnson & Johnson’s Sustainable Procurement Program, commitments and how to get involved.

    Our Voices

    Our focus for Supplier-Enabled Innovation is turning Procurement into a team of Innovation Scouts for the company, driving increased value for the business and making Johnson & Johnson the partner of choice for supplier innovations.

    Engagement, commitment and pride continue to be the three main attributes that resonate from the Kelly Services team when describing out interaction with out Johnson & Johnson stakeholders and business partners.

    American Express is proud of our long-lasting relationship with J&J across multiple countries. Together we have built a highly customized program that is focused on serving your employees with payment solutions and providing best-in-class expense management programs to Johnson & Johnson.

    VWR appreciates the strategic relationship with Johnson & Johnson. Our mutual objectives enabling science innovation, sustainability and supplier collaboration have helped us become a better supplier.

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