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    Office of the Chief Medical Officer

    he Johnson & Johnson Office of the Chief Medical Officer is a global group of medical and scientific professionals focused on advancing evidence- and science-based decision-making that is driven by bioethical principles and values.

    Our Ethics- and Science-Driven Healthcare Initiatives


    Every day, we work to put people first—from proactive and transparent medical safety surveillance, to groundbreaking real-world evidence applications, pediatric clinical research advancements, early access innovation and more.
    For Baby Safety Month, we sat down with the company's Head of Pediatric Drug Development to learn about its industry-leading Child Health Innovation Leadership Department.
    A Q&A with Gary Eichenbaum, Ph.D., Vice President, Preclinical Science and Safety, Office of the Chief Medical Officer, Johnson & Johnson.
    The company's mission is to care for the world—one person at a time. Just ask Chief Medical Officer Joanne Waldstreicher, M.D., who's been leading the charge to improve the process by which very sick patients may apply for access to investigational medications.

    Johnson & Johnson Chief Medical Officers

    Our Chief Medical Officers drive medical safety excellence and innovation across our Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Consumer Products sectors.

    In the News

    News and highlights about the Office of the Chief Medical Officer.

    Scientific Policies

    Johnson & Johnson is committed to ethical decision-making and transparency to guide every decision we make. Read more for our scientific policies on sensitive topics.
    • These guidelines are to ensure that human pluripotent stem cell research conducted by Johnson & Johnson conforms to current international standards of scientific and ethical oversight, and that all scientists and employees of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies adhere to these ethical principles when conducting human pluripotent stem cell research.
    • Our Ethical Code for the Conduct of Research and Development is intended to complement our Credo by providing more specific standards of conduct and behavior for physicians, clinical research scientists and others who are responsible for medical aspects of research and development.
    • We believe transparency of clinical trial data advances science and medicine and is in the best interest of the patients who use our pharmaceutical products and providers who prescribe them.
    • We follow five important principles when providing pre-approval access to investigational medicines to patients with serious diseases to access medicines not yet approved by regulatory health authorities.
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