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    Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know About How to Take Care of Your Child's Hair?

    Did you like taking this quiz? Click the heart to show your love.
    It seems pretty simple: curly or straight, fine or thick, right? There's actually a lot more to your kid's locks, and understanding the science behind your little one's unique hair type can help make a big difference when it comes to cleaning and styling. Take this fun quiz to test your smarts.
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    You can probably rattle off your child’s height, weight and vaccination record off the top of your head, but when it comes to what’s on top of her head, well, you might actually be in the dark.

    Did you know, for example, that young kids' hair—compared to baby or adult tresses—has its own unique needs?

    "There’s an actual in-between phase after baby hair and before adult hair,” explains Joseph Greco Joseph Greco, Principle Scientist, Global Baby Franchise R&D at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, Principle Scientist, Global Baby Franchise R&D, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health. Toddler hair, for example, is two to three times thicker than baby hair and can grow four times as long, he says. And by the time children hit puberty, he notes, their hair will be five times thicker and can grow seven times longer!

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    A selection of products from the Johnson's? Kids Hair Care line

    These unique characteristics are why Johnson's? has launched a new Johnson's? Kids Hair Care line, featuring products designed to thoroughly clean your little one's hair without over-stripping it or exposing children to harsh ingredients often found in adult hair products. Each product also features the No More Tears? formula, so the shampoos and conditioners are guaranteed to feel mild and gentle on kids' eyes.

    The line, which Greco helped develop, features four different shampoo and conditioning product pairs: Clean & Fresh, Ultra-Hydrating, Shiny & Soft and Curl Defining.

    Curious to learn more about how best to care for your child's locks? Take this quiz to see how much you really know about tackling everything from stubborn tangles (hint: there's a key conditioning ingredient for that) to dry, brittle strands (you'll want to be on the lookout for one key nourishing oil).

    Find out where you can buy the Johnson's? Kids Hair Care line.

    How many different hair types are there?

    How often should you wash your child’s hair?

    True or False: Only adults can get dry, brittle hair.

    Which natural ingredient can best help give your little one smooth, shiny and soft hair?

    True or False: Baby shampoo is all you need to thoroughly clean kids' hair.

    True or False: It's best to avoid using adult shampoo on kids’ hair.

    True or False: Your child needs a conditioner.

    Which natural ingredient can most help enhance curls?

    Which of the following words should be on the label of your child’s shampoo?

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