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    Global Public Health

    Our Commitment

    s one of the world’s largest healthcare companies, we are driven to foster better health for more people in more places.

    While the world has made significant progress in providing improved healthcare, major gaps remain, and bolder, smarter approaches are needed to overcome the drastic inequity in access to care—now.

    Through a dedicated global public health (GPH) organization that combines research and development, global access strategies and programs, and local operations, we are putting the world’s most vulnerable and underserved at the heart of everything we do—measuring our success in lives improved.

    As a team of innovators, we are committed to pioneering and sustainably delivering meaningful and transformational products. Working with global and local partners, we will ensure equitable access to these critical solutions that save lives, cure patients and prevent disease for those most in need.

    Upholding the rich heritage of Johnson & Johnson, we are taking on the toughest challenges, and, ultimately, we hope to do our part to close the gap of inequity and pave the way to a healthier future for the world’s most vulnerable and underserved populations.

    How We Deliver Impact

      Develop Holistic and Impactful Solutions to Ensure Our Transformational Innovations Are Available, Affordable and Accessible
      Enable, Advance and Unlock Breakthrough Science for Global Health Challenges
      Focus, Convene and Advocate to Move the World’s Health Forward, Faster

    Where We Focus

    Featured Efforts

    What People Are Saying

    Public health in the developing world faces enormous challenges that require unique solutions, and by engaging, enabling and empowering local health care professionals and entrepreneurs in this way, we can advance the research, development and distribution of new medicines and treatments that will make a difference for patients.

    This is a model based on innovation, collaboration, and local empowerment that aims to address life threatening issues and deliver measurable results to improve outcomes for patients, families and communities.

    TB is the world’s number one infectious killer, and TB and MDR-TB cause major devastation for people, communities and entire countries around the world. With our 10-year TB initiative we want to unleash the power of science and technology to forever change the trajectory of this terrible disease.

    Johnson & Johnson's Global Public Health unit is a model in the industry on access planning and results for several therapeutic areas, and it's constantly challenging itself to do more.

    Social Media Updates

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    News & Press Releases

    Resources and Additional Information

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